What is fast transfer?

What is fast transfer?

When you choose to sell your domain name through aftermarket providers like Afternic or Sedo, the name is made available for sale through various Registrars partnering with such providers. When a customer of another Registrar agrees to buy your domain name, it must then be transferred from your account with Think Digital Wordings Pvt Ltd to the new Registrar.

This is where the Fast Transfer service comes in. The Fast Transfer service helps transfer your domain name to the buyer and thus complete the sale much faster than regular domain names.

How it works

When you enable Fast Transfer for your domain name, the domain name transfer happens in an automated fashion so you don't need to track and execute it manually. In order for Think Digital Wordings Pvt Ltd to manage this process on your behalf, you must pre-authorize the transfer by opting in to the Fast Transfer service. Once your domain name is opted in for Fast Transfers, the aftermarket platform where it is listed will alert the Think Digital Wordings Pvt Ltd platform when the name is sold, and initiate the transfer to the new Registrar. We will then automatically execute the transfer on your behalf, to ensure that it is made available to the buyer promptly. You will be notified once the domain name has successfully transferred to the buyer.

The Fast Transfer service only works for domain names that have been listed for sale at supported providers. The aftermarket providers we currently support are Afternic and Sedo MLS. To enable the fast transfer service for your domain name, you must ensure that your domain sale listing is correctly configured on the aftermarket provider.